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Bangor Roller Derby is a highly competitive roller derby league from the midsection of Maine: "The way derby should be."

We train, skate, and hit harder than our competition, with a winning 2013 season under our belts to show for it. Not only that, but we’re lucky enough to have found a second family in each other, forged not only through our training, but through barbecues, late nights on the town, weekends spent in each other’s homes, and lifetimes spent in each other’s hearts. We are the Phoenixes of Bangor Roller Derby, but call us BiRDs for short.

We are proud to be Maine's only roller derby league with a permanent track -- come give it a whirl!

Want to see us? Play us? RiSE? Let’s make it happen.

Meet The Pack

Microphone Assassin

Skater name: Microphone AssassinDate joined: June 2012Positions played: Blocker, Pivot, JammerOther positions served in the league: Ombudsman, Captain, 2014 Executive Board: Vice PresidentReal name: Allisen...
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Skater name: HammerdownDate joined: April 2012Positions played: Jammer, Pivot, BlockerOther positions served in the league: Co-captainReal name: Beth BeaulieuBirthday: 4/21/70Height: 5’Weight or...
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Crash Test Caity

Skater name: Crash Test CaityDate joined: 01/2007 in Syracuse, NY, and 10/2012 with BiRDPositions played: BlockerReal name: Caity BrimhallBirthday: 09/03/1985Height: 5'3 & ½ on a good dayWeight...
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