est. 2011

40 skaters and counting

Four winning seasons

WFTDA ranked league


Modern-day roller derby is a full-contact sport with no staged hits or predetermined outcomes.  Our athletes use footwork, strategy, and sheer strength to muscle through the pack.  Our blockers lock onto targets with unbreakable will and bash them to the ground.  All the hours at practice and in personal development, all the sacrifices, and all the hard work, come together for 60 minutes of utter brutality at every bout. And we love it.

In fact, we “Derby Love” it. Your mom, your spouse, or your BFF might think they understand, but the only people who get it are the ones who make those sacrifices right alongside us. We know where you’ve been, we see where you are, we know where you’re going – and we can’t wait to beat it into you. That’s Derby Love.

We thrive on competition and expect a lot from ourselves and from each other. But that’s part of what makes derby great – when you sweat and bleed together the way our athletes do, you get to triumph together, too.