The cool thing about our sponsors is that they’re more than just sponsors. They’re some of our favorite local gems, and we’re lucky enough that they are into derby just as much as we are into them. Roller derby is back to stay, and it’s gaining momentum quickly. If you’re into local derby and want to find out more about becoming a sponsor, contact us.


Relentless Strength Training

When we're not getting our sweat on at practice, you can find us at Relentless Strength Training, where we forge our hard bodies, hard minds, and hard spirits, through Isaac Wilkins's special program of sweet, sweet agony. The power behind those big hits you see on the track comes from hours of deadlifts, front squats, and cursing Isaac under our breath. BRD + RST = Swolemates 4eva.


Moe's Original BBQ

Catch us for a bout and you’ll see that it takes a lot of energy to play roller derby! Our favorite place to fuel up is Moe’s Original BBQ. One of our girls actually started a petition to try and make one of our favorite special side dishes a regular menu item. Can you guess which one?.


Turn Two Skate Shop

Turn Two skate shop is Portland’s own skater-owned-and-operated roller derby store. Maine Roller Derby’s Kissy Kicks helps keep our bouting force safe and stylish, and outfits our newest skaters with all the gear they need to get hit like champs. We provide them the rest.


Bangor Tire

Our league members travel from places like Bar Harbor, Ellsworth, and Dexter, to practice and play with the best. Bangor Tire helps keep our travels smooth. We take care of the wheels under our feet, but when we need help with the wheels on our rides, we trust Bangor Tire.

Loring Timing Association

And speaking of wheels, we like ‘em best when they’re turning fast. Loring Timing Association gives us the thrills we crave every year at the Land Speed Races. They can burn rubber almost as fast as we can.